The Améo Opportunity

Améo manufactures and sells high-quality essential oils worldwide through our global family of Independent Distributors. Individuals use Améo's products in their everyday lives to achieve improved health and wellness. All Améo products are designed and distributed with a purpose; each and every one is also the results of years of scientific research and development.

We make it easy to purchase our products in the following ways:

  • Buy directly from an Améo Independent Distributor.
  • Join Améo as a Retail Customer and buy products directly from us.
  • Join Améo as a Wholesale Member and buy products directly from us at the wholesale price. The Wholesale Membership Fee is $20 USD per year; if you are a regular purchaser of Améo products, you will save much more than the Wholesale Membership Fee over a year’s time.
  • Call an Améo Customer Service Representative or go to your Back Office to place an order online.
  • Sign up for the Améo AutoShip program to have the product(s) of your choice sent to you automatically every 28 days*.

Do any of the following scenarios interest you as a reward for sharing the Améo products that you love?

  • Earn enough money to pay for your Améo products so that they are, in essence, free for you.
  • Earn enough money so that you can pay and get ahead of your bills.
  • Earn extra money to pay for things like vacations or hobbies.
  • Earn enough money so that Améo can become your career.
  • Earn enough money to retire early.
  • Earn enough money to pay for you or your children’s education.

The Améo income opportunity provides you these opportunities and more! People who succeed at building their own Améo Essential Oils business are no different than you—except that they have learned how to leverage the motivated efforts of others to create a recurring income for themselves.