Compensation Plan

Améo's rewarding Compensation Plan provides several unique ways to earn income, including:

Retail Sales

Earn income by purchasing products at wholesale price and selling them at retail price. You keep the profit.

Team Commissions

Team Commissions are the backbone of the Zija Compensation Plan. This binary plan means that you have the benefit of being placed in one of two legs (left or right) in your Sponsor’s group. You will then be compensated based on successfully building two legs of your own. Your Sponsor or Upline may also place people in your Downline, and these people will count toward your Team Commissions and rank qualification.

Leadership Check Match Pool (LCMP)

Earn a Leadership Check Match based on a percentage of Team Commissions from people that you personally sponsor, people that they personally sponsor, and so on, up to 8 generations.

Diamond Leadership Pools

We have reserved up to 4% of the company’s total Commissionable Group Volume for Qualified Diamond Executives. The more qualifying Leadership Legs and Leaders you create, the more points you earn in the Pool. This bonus is paid weekly, based on your earned portion of the Pool.

One-Time Bonuses

Zija pays a one-time bonus for achieving various Diamond Elite ranks.

Multiple Business Centers

As your organization expands, you can essentially sponsor yourself by adding additional Business Centers to your organization. With each additional Business Center, you may earn up to another $10,000 per week in Team Commissions. You will receive your second Business Center at Triple Diamond rank, and your remaining two Business Centers at Diamond Elite rank.

The Team Benz Luxury Car Program

Zija is putting you behind the wheel and rewarding you for building a solid and growing business. When you achieve the Pay Rank of Gold or better every Cycle in a Period, you are automatically qualified for the Team Benz Zija Luxury Car Program.

Special Initiatives

Zija constantly runs special initiatives that allow Distributors/Wholesale Members to earn an array of prizes, awards, incentive trips, contests, commissions, and bonuses.